Friday, April 11, 2014

Its About Time

Isn't it though.  Time essentially runs our lives right?  Obviously this fact hasn't escaped our minds and this isn't some epiphany I have stumbled upon but I will say this, what I do with my time has become very apparent to me over the last month. 
The week before general conference we all attended church, GASP!  I know, I know, well you have to start somewhere and well that's a start.  Anyways...the lesson was about how all these electronic devices are running our lives, and our children's lives and really just sucking the life out of us.  I had an AH-HA moment in that class and I will tell you all about it in a minute.
A couple months ago we purchased a condo in Driggs, Idaho.  A big thank you to my brother and sister in law for allowing us to purchase this condo from them because it has literally been the best investment in our family we have ever made.  Every weekend since the snowboarding season started we have been at that condo.  Why is it so great you ask?  No internet, very bad cellphone service from our provider (thank you sprint!) and very few channels on the good ol' rabbit ears!  Halleluiah!!!  Now granted my home in Rigby suffered some in the cleaning department and it was sometimes too much so we stayed home but for the most part every weekend was spent in that condo, and on the ski hill. 
Now months passed and life just seemed to be getting better and better relationship wise with the whole family, not that it had ever suffered but it was getting really good!  We never fought, kids were more relaxed, which meant less breakdowns overall just really, really good!  I kept thinking how lucky we were to have each other and how I never imagined life could be this good.  (I know how many times can I say it.)  But it's true! 
Cody and myself went on a little date night to the movie one of these last weekends and we were both talking about how grateful we were to have such a great companions to spend this time with and that  we couldn't imagine life with anyone else no matter where our path takes us.  But neither of us could put a finger on what had changed. 
Why the changed?  Why do I feel so happy all the time?  Very little anxiety, nothing to really complain about.  What has changed?  You know what it was...TIME.  My ah-ha.  You guessed it.  Less time on the iphone, less time on the ipod, less time on the ipad, less tv time.  More uninterrupted family time.  Its crazy to me the amount of time we all spent on our electronic devices and after that Sunday lesson, that's when I realized that the break we take every weekend was the change we needed in the family.  It has made me so much more aware of how much time I literally WASTE on my phone. 
I am kind of sad to see the snow go, it has been our sanctuary these last few months and maybe we will get back up there this summer who knows.  What I do know is that it has made me a more conscious mother, and wife.  I will now start to power down devices and actually enjoy my real life more because that is what makes us truly happy, FAMILY.         

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