Sunday, March 29, 2009

it's the thought that counts...Right?

So it was our 5 year anniversary on Friday and when I woke up that morning i found these on the table....and i was very surprised and excited--- then i took a second look and noticed they had not made it through the night. How sad-- he had obviously tried very hard and thought ahead this time-- and I'm sure his reaction was priceless when he went to find the flowers he had thought ahead to buy to surprise me with, only to find them dead! These flowers will not be forgotten and I'm sure will be talked about-- they are actually better than alive ones-- only because when we look back on this anniversary and wonder what we got for each other i'm sure i will not forget---dead flowers-- so sweet--- really though it was funny...

on another note-- thursday my sisters little girl was over to play and they were playing in our daughters room and were very quite-- so we went to check on them and this is how we found them....they were sleeping-- so they said-- but when we said ok-- then close your eyes grayson turns to his cousin and says-- no leave them open!! so apparently he sleeps with his eyes open which explains all the noise during "nap" time--- any ways we let them "sleep" for a little bit and went back in and found they had assumed a more comfortable possition--

so silly--- i love these kids-- they never surprise me-- or ever leave my life dull...

also...weird picture i know-- but i just had to post something about it because i'm so happy/excited about my acrillic toe nails i had done the other day-- it's pink zebra stripes- and anyone who wants a manicure/pedicure and wants a job well done you need to go to serenity salon spa and tanning--- 745-1553 and ask for erica-- she does an awesome job!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


our baby girl...9mo she is growing like a weed!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

already outdated....WHAT

So I'm really really irritated at the rate things become obsolete! Cody got me the ipod touch last year for my b-day and already because it is the 1st gen of ipod touch there are so many new apps that don't freakin work on it-- what the H? Never again am i buying another tec item....i can't really say that but everytime apple comes out with a newer cooler app for the ipod i want to punch someone mearly for the fact that it won't work on my fossil of an's only a year old...ewww irritating!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

.....German Pancakes

I will say you would think with my baking ability, and decent cooking skills in general these little monsters would be easy for me to cook, well they are not and i'm sure i say about 50 cuss words during the whole 30 min process of cooking these D@#* things! It usually takes me 2 tries and even then sometimes they don't turn out--

**sorry for the following graphically disgusting picture of the failed attempt today--

i never change a thing i do and no matter what it usually takes me two tries-- or i just give up at one-- today when i made them the second time i told myself if they didn't turn out i would not make them again-- well they did what i told them to do before i put them in the oven because they knew what was good for themselfes-- (right....)
anyways--they may not look much better to some...but they were--
i don't know if the child attached to my hip had anything to do with them working or not because she was attached with both batches but she does make it hard to concentrate-- because she is so cute!!!

anyways these things have been plaguing me for some time now and i had to vent about it-- cody doesn't think they ever work because everytime i make him for him and i they really don't--- and i never make a second batch because i just don't want to run the risk of wasting 7 more eggs--at least when i make them just for me it's only 3--
on another note grayson took more pictures today and there was one interesting one i liked -- apparently it's the view from a 2yr old perspective and i thought it was good--
Breakfast this morning-- not in the bowl- not unusual though....

he also took these--

don't mind the lumber in the background-- totally the husbands fault--

don't really know what he was doing here-- building a fort maybe-- but i laughed when i saw him--

and on a final note...why do i but these-- so when i come home from the gym i can ruin everything i've done that day??? i tell myself it's for the kids buying them that is---- but come on who can have these in the house and not eat them...even one-- hopefully they are gone soon -- and not by me--

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Still Here....

So It's been a while since I last updated and I know you all have just been on the edge of your seats waiting to hear what we are up to now a days...right?
Not much has changed here we had our house listed with a Realtor but it just didn't work out- wasn't impressed to be quite honest, I felt like I did a better job advertising the house than the realtor did. So we took it off the market and are just finishing up a few things and probably going to do one last push with a last open house and if it doesn't sell just call it quits for a while- we don't really need to sell just want to get out of the HUGE city of IF :).
Um christmas was uneventful which I think makes it good i guess. We got grayson a little chopper motorcycle which he loves but we have some modifications to do on it so he doesn't get to ride it much plus there is to much snow out there...ewwww. Took the kids snowboarding the other day and grayson wasn't a big of a fan of it as last year- so Iris took over his board for a while and she seemed to like it-- she will be our little shredder i guess!

Grayson also recently discovered his love of the camera and takes pictures anytime I will let him-- some come out good...some not so good- but he likes it none the less-- here is a little view into his skills--

This picture cracks me up-- it's like she thinks he's crazy-- and can't figure out why we would let someone like him take pictures of her... so funny---
as you can see he doesn't want me in most of the pictures so I have to lean down to get into view-- maybe he doesn't think i'm photogenic-- i don't know--

On another note Grayson is potty trained... again-- for about a month now he has been in underware and it is working this time and it is fablous - i must say -

Iris is growing like a weed and eats much more than her brother and i think it's great-- having a child that i don't have to fight to feed is so much less taxing than having to sit for over an hour to get one child to eat one egg makes me crazy- so thank goodness for one good eater--

We are getting the packard closer to being finished-- to an extent at least painted and lowered-- we are trying to get it ready for a car show in april...cross your fingers it will be done- when it is i will post pictures--
Cody and I are running in the to bone and back race the end of june and i'm a little worried about how it will go-- i have never been a runner but since i started the middle of last month it isn't as bad as i remember in highschool so that was a plesent surprise since i have to run 5 miles in june-- wish me luck with my training-- cody is already a natural and running way more than I and he has only run like 3 times-- but that's the wells for ya-- good at anything and everything they do-- i guess i just have to accept it-- as long as i finish the race i will be good-- but in the meantime the training is killing me--- eh- what did i sign up for?--
we will keep you up to date on running-- and the packard-- and pictures will soon follow- i can't guarentee it- but i will try---