Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Soooo.....we digressed a little and have reverted back to pull ups but he is still doing well-- i am just a little less stressed and figure he will do it on his own time again-- maybe next time he will decide to keep using the potty!!! we still love him anyways- -

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Potty Monster!!

So yeah Grayson has officially concord the potty monster-- he is potty trained--- i had to just bite the bullet amidst the craziness of having a 6 months old and a migrian these last three days he is usuing his potty like every time he needs to and all by him bravo grayson...bravo!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Packard

So I finally found my camera...and got the car back from the sand blaster-- but we still need to get some more blasting done on the lower trunk but she's coming along-- we are going to find old plates this weekend and maybe build a visor for her- We are also going to lower the back end and hopefully paint before winter officially hits!!! But we still argue over who gets to drive it- which cracks me because there is a car a million times nicer and way more expensive sitting in the drive way-- but it isn't near as sweet-- so i will stick with the packard and let the Yukon get not really but i do love this car!---Grayson calls it my wat wod car-- (rat rod) it's cute

Monday, November 3, 2008

You got to love the date stamp-- but i love this picture of grayson and Iris because it is one of the only times she isn't looking at me like "save me mom" Grayson just loves his sister so much he can't get enough of her-- and the top one of him with the bow is one of the only "Halloween" pictures i got of him so this is what you get for now--


I am a little frustrated -- the car was suppose to get sandblasted saturday and still has not happened--And the thing is we are not like getting a favor or anything- so i don't understand what the deal is-- we are paying for it-- well hopefully by the end of the week-- and someone is going over the the blasting shop to see what it would cost to chop the top-- which means take about 2-3 inches out of it-- which would be so sick-- we will see--- And also we are showing the house tomorrow so I have been cleaning alllllll day-- which i don't mind because it usually needs it-- i just hate doing it-- I'm not a neat freak unlike some of you....alicia-- haha- i wish actually -- but we are in the midst of building a shead out back for all the car crap we have in the garage and it isn't quite done- so i hope people don't mind- but seriously not finishing stuff is the story of our life-- it drives me nuts- but i can't force my husband -so i do what i can and just bite my tounge-- kinda-- he hates me nagging -but nothing would get done if i didn't-- most wives understand where i'm comming from-- so that is the update as of today-- got some cute amature pictures of the kids today will post later--- and alicia you should show me how to do a cuter page- because mine is pathetic-- and you are so talented-- we really need to get together-- like old times--- only i will be nicer now--- i think -can't promise anything--- lol no really --

Sunday, November 2, 2008

How in the World???

How do all of you keep up with this whole blogging thing?? I posted in August and I am just now posting again. So much has happened in the last little while. Cody is now apprenticing for tattoo and so I only get to hang out with him on Sunday now which is sad for us all but I know that he needs to be able to do things he loves if only that applied to me as well. I never get time just for me but I guess that is what you sign up for when you become a mom. I love my kids so it is all worth it. I did get something recently that I think will be something to do. We bought a 51 Packard car and I love it. I will get pictures of it before we tear it apart and start re-doing it but I don't know when that will be. Halloween was crazy because we had to go to Rigby to pick up the car because they were working on the breaks-- and in the mean time I accidentally left the kids Halloween costumes at my moms and had to go all the way back from IF to get them- which was fine because Grayson wanted to trick-or-treat there anyways but it made for a long night-- and I can't find my freakin camera so I will have to steal pictures from gradma. Grayson had been dressing up all week as a Piriate so he went as a mechanic on the acutal day of Halloween-- which was cute- and Iris was a skunk- which the smell part is true most of the time- -Tomorrow we hope to get the car back from being sandblasted and maybe I will get pictures before we paint-- can't say I will post soon- but who knows I'm always up late so maybe I will get more into this---