Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Small Victories

Wow I must say two blog post in two days is a new record for me! 

Yesterday was a good day for me.  There were many small victories that out weighed the little defeats so that's a good day right?

It started out by actually getting the kids to school on time!  Yay!  Maybe my son's hair wasn't combed but hey he got there, and not only on time early.  Today maybe he was late and forgot his backpack which I had to turn around and go home to get but, we won't talk about that.  We will talk about the fact that I kept my cool and didn't get upset about something that was done.  I just dropped him off and immediately went back to retrieve the back pack.  We also won't talk about the fact that the Ipod somehow got remembered of course.  

Another victory!  Half of the cloths that were washed Friday, and folded Monday got put away yesterday!  That's under a week between wash and put away!  That's a victory for me!  There are still half to be put away, but they are mostly my cloths, and I will wear them eventually so I am merely just making them quicker to get at. 

Victory, homework got done before 7pm!  This sometimes gets left until morning when its already hectic so I really try hard to get this accomplished before bed and last night we won!  And without complaining!  I think my daughter is actually starting to hate homework less which is great because she is only just beginning and I can't take 12 yrs of fighting homework I just can't.

This paragraph with be comprised with non-victories so the text will be downsized to further emphasize the victories.  No piano happened can I tell you how exhausting piano is for me!  My kids love it which helps but the method we are using really relies on the mother teaching the child by copying and memorizing songs.  So I have to learn and reteach songs to 2 children.  Lets just say I've heard twinkle twinkle enough to last a lifetime.  But it's not all bad just hard to do everyday.  Second loss actually happened today my daughter went to school without looking like she just walked out of a GAP add.  But I did manage to brush her hair which could be considered a victory so they cancel each other out.  Also lunch for her consisted of dry mini wheat cereal, crackers, and a danimal yogurt, also another fail.  There were others like I didn't vacuum, or deep clean bathrooms, blah blah blah... you get the point.  No need to rub it in any further.    

I don't go through my days thinking exactly what I have failed at or not.  But I do have to remind myself of what I have actually accomplished in a day or else when I look at my disheveled house I may cry.  This morning my daughter asked me if I was going to yell today, like I'm some kind of pre-mediated yeller.  Apparently she thinks I think about it way before hand which you all know is never the case for us mothers, exactly the opposite.  I think or pray to have the strength of patience.  Which yesterday worked out.  Although I forgot appointments, had to run the garbage out to the road like a mad woman and didn't make a Martha Stewart dinner, (thank you papa Kelsey's for helping me out on that one) I also didn't stress out about it and make myself crazy.  I just made it through. 

And sometimes that's all we can do.  Relish in the small victories they will be your sanctuary.     

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