Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Still Here....

So It's been a while since I last updated and I know you all have just been on the edge of your seats waiting to hear what we are up to now a days...right?
Not much has changed here we had our house listed with a Realtor but it just didn't work out- wasn't impressed to be quite honest, I felt like I did a better job advertising the house than the realtor did. So we took it off the market and are just finishing up a few things and probably going to do one last push with a last open house and if it doesn't sell just call it quits for a while- we don't really need to sell just want to get out of the HUGE city of IF :).
Um christmas was uneventful which I think makes it good i guess. We got grayson a little chopper motorcycle which he loves but we have some modifications to do on it so he doesn't get to ride it much plus there is to much snow out there...ewwww. Took the kids snowboarding the other day and grayson wasn't a big of a fan of it as last year- so Iris took over his board for a while and she seemed to like it-- she will be our little shredder i guess!

Grayson also recently discovered his love of the camera and takes pictures anytime I will let him-- some come out good...some not so good- but he likes it none the less-- here is a little view into his skills--

This picture cracks me up-- it's like she thinks he's crazy-- and can't figure out why we would let someone like him take pictures of her... so funny---
as you can see he doesn't want me in most of the pictures so I have to lean down to get into view-- maybe he doesn't think i'm photogenic-- i don't know--

On another note Grayson is potty trained... again-- for about a month now he has been in underware and it is working this time and it is fablous - i must say -

Iris is growing like a weed and eats much more than her brother and i think it's great-- having a child that i don't have to fight to feed is so much less taxing than having to sit for over an hour to get one child to eat one egg makes me crazy- so thank goodness for one good eater--

We are getting the packard closer to being finished-- to an extent at least painted and lowered-- we are trying to get it ready for a car show in april...cross your fingers it will be done- when it is i will post pictures--
Cody and I are running in the to bone and back race the end of june and i'm a little worried about how it will go-- i have never been a runner but since i started the middle of last month it isn't as bad as i remember in highschool so that was a plesent surprise since i have to run 5 miles in june-- wish me luck with my training-- cody is already a natural and running way more than I and he has only run like 3 times-- but that's the wells for ya-- good at anything and everything they do-- i guess i just have to accept it-- as long as i finish the race i will be good-- but in the meantime the training is killing me--- eh- what did i sign up for?--
we will keep you up to date on running-- and the packard-- and pictures will soon follow- i can't guarentee it- but i will try---


Brianna and Byron Putnam said...

Ash, you look so great! Your kids are just darling :)

Cunning said...

Finally!!!!! Keep blogging for the love. Also- I left you a note so read mine again. PS I though of another girl name that I love, and Scott hates- but I feel you would appreciate it. It's Vera, and no, not pregnant just don't have enough to think about in my boring life.

Ali said...

Holy cow little Iris has gotten so big. Keep up the blogging, it's really nice to keep in touch with everyone and see how life is going for you. It sucks we never got together before we left ( I feel like those last months were just crazy) but it's not like we won't ever come to Idaho again thou, we'll have to do something then. Good luck on the running-