Sunday, March 15, 2009

.....German Pancakes

I will say you would think with my baking ability, and decent cooking skills in general these little monsters would be easy for me to cook, well they are not and i'm sure i say about 50 cuss words during the whole 30 min process of cooking these D@#* things! It usually takes me 2 tries and even then sometimes they don't turn out--

**sorry for the following graphically disgusting picture of the failed attempt today--

i never change a thing i do and no matter what it usually takes me two tries-- or i just give up at one-- today when i made them the second time i told myself if they didn't turn out i would not make them again-- well they did what i told them to do before i put them in the oven because they knew what was good for themselfes-- (right....)
anyways--they may not look much better to some...but they were--
i don't know if the child attached to my hip had anything to do with them working or not because she was attached with both batches but she does make it hard to concentrate-- because she is so cute!!!

anyways these things have been plaguing me for some time now and i had to vent about it-- cody doesn't think they ever work because everytime i make him for him and i they really don't--- and i never make a second batch because i just don't want to run the risk of wasting 7 more eggs--at least when i make them just for me it's only 3--
on another note grayson took more pictures today and there was one interesting one i liked -- apparently it's the view from a 2yr old perspective and i thought it was good--
Breakfast this morning-- not in the bowl- not unusual though....

he also took these--

don't mind the lumber in the background-- totally the husbands fault--

don't really know what he was doing here-- building a fort maybe-- but i laughed when i saw him--

and on a final note...why do i but these-- so when i come home from the gym i can ruin everything i've done that day??? i tell myself it's for the kids buying them that is---- but come on who can have these in the house and not eat them...even one-- hopefully they are gone soon -- and not by me--


Cunning said...

I think the pancakes look yummy- infact you should mail me some. So I was in town, all by myself. I had to judge Madison's Jr. Miss and I left early this morning to get back to teach primary with Scott. But- here is an idea, you and Cody should bring the kids to Utah and stay with us!!!

Conder Family said...

I would eat them in a second and I bet they were delicious! i love the picture of you and Iris and your blog is really good.

Ali said...

Wow, Grayson sure is quite the photographer, especially for a two yr old :) I love german pancakes but haven't made them forever since Dave doesn't like them. But mine always turn out like that too, sometimes they work sometimes they don't.