Sunday, November 2, 2008

How in the World???

How do all of you keep up with this whole blogging thing?? I posted in August and I am just now posting again. So much has happened in the last little while. Cody is now apprenticing for tattoo and so I only get to hang out with him on Sunday now which is sad for us all but I know that he needs to be able to do things he loves if only that applied to me as well. I never get time just for me but I guess that is what you sign up for when you become a mom. I love my kids so it is all worth it. I did get something recently that I think will be something to do. We bought a 51 Packard car and I love it. I will get pictures of it before we tear it apart and start re-doing it but I don't know when that will be. Halloween was crazy because we had to go to Rigby to pick up the car because they were working on the breaks-- and in the mean time I accidentally left the kids Halloween costumes at my moms and had to go all the way back from IF to get them- which was fine because Grayson wanted to trick-or-treat there anyways but it made for a long night-- and I can't find my freakin camera so I will have to steal pictures from gradma. Grayson had been dressing up all week as a Piriate so he went as a mechanic on the acutal day of Halloween-- which was cute- and Iris was a skunk- which the smell part is true most of the time- -Tomorrow we hope to get the car back from being sandblasted and maybe I will get pictures before we paint-- can't say I will post soon- but who knows I'm always up late so maybe I will get more into this---

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Ali said...

Hey glad to see your back, As to your question I will usually use adobe lightroom for editing, I love it cuz' while I'm still learning it helps me correct my mistakes and the better I do the less I use it unless I want different coloring effects. I would still love to take your pictures if you want, I usually just take photo's outdoors since I don't have any studio lighting, but with it getting colder I don't know, Just call me and we'll figure something out.