Monday, November 3, 2008


I am a little frustrated -- the car was suppose to get sandblasted saturday and still has not happened--And the thing is we are not like getting a favor or anything- so i don't understand what the deal is-- we are paying for it-- well hopefully by the end of the week-- and someone is going over the the blasting shop to see what it would cost to chop the top-- which means take about 2-3 inches out of it-- which would be so sick-- we will see--- And also we are showing the house tomorrow so I have been cleaning alllllll day-- which i don't mind because it usually needs it-- i just hate doing it-- I'm not a neat freak unlike some of you....alicia-- haha- i wish actually -- but we are in the midst of building a shead out back for all the car crap we have in the garage and it isn't quite done- so i hope people don't mind- but seriously not finishing stuff is the story of our life-- it drives me nuts- but i can't force my husband -so i do what i can and just bite my tounge-- kinda-- he hates me nagging -but nothing would get done if i didn't-- most wives understand where i'm comming from-- so that is the update as of today-- got some cute amature pictures of the kids today will post later--- and alicia you should show me how to do a cuter page- because mine is pathetic-- and you are so talented-- we really need to get together-- like old times--- only i will be nicer now--- i think -can't promise anything--- lol no really --

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Ali said...

lol, couldn't help laughing at all that, you better be nicer :) j/k and ya I way understand the nagging thing. Seriously just call me I pretty much just stay at home all the time other than when I take Payter to school.