Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just because Kristen said so....and Vegas was Awesome

So we are back from Vegas....sad I know- but we missed our babies!! Between staying out until 3:00am and seeing tons of great things we are happy to be home...recovering-- We started out the vacation as soon as we arrived in Vegas-- we went to a burlesque show at the Orleans-which for those who don't know it's a type of dancing/stripping from the 50's so it isn't as bad as you would think--except for the following-- we were quite surprised to see an at least 75 year old veteran of this lost art-- not only surprised a bit weirded out- but what do you do?

Us at the show-- cody apparently excited about it...

and here is picture of random people who tried to get in the back of the previous picture-- they thought they were funny until i told them to get together so i could get a good one

We walked around all the vendors the first night and watched a couple bands play all in all it was a good first night--
The second day was the car show-- so we got ready and went over-- it was really great-- there were tons of vendors selling stuff for alot cheaper than they were in the hotel so we stocked up on tons of things- Cody got some new pin striping stuff to pin strip the Packard when it is painted and he is really excited to start pinstriping some stuff-- there were random people that were asking to take pictures of me next to cars and that was a little weird and it never got less weird but i guess it was fun- but i will tell you i'm no model-- but here are some pictures of the cars we saw and liked---

Here are a few of me with some "real" pinup models Sabrina Kelley is the first one-- the blonde and then there is Violet Valentine, myself, and Miss Rockwell DeVill Also Cody with some famous car guys- the first is the fonz- and then bo huff who is a very well known car guy- who does awesome work--

Then here are some more cars- and one hot mama-- right- no but it was fun--

This picture was for grayson-- it's a hudson hornet-- like from cars-- wrong color but he still liked it--

This last picture is of us a the tiki party-- the sun was really bright so i didn't get any good pictures of the packed party but it was full of crazy rockabilly bands and people-- fun stuff we will definatally be back next year-- with our cars--


Cunning said...

Glad to know you are still alive and well, I was worried. Next time you go to Vegas I'd appreciate an invite!!! And I suddenly want to get into cars....

Ali said...

Looks like an awesome vacation, and warm-I'm jealous. Dave was drooling over all the cars in your pictures, Looks like fun- you'll have to keep us updated on what your doing with your Packard.